EVO Froyo Early Adopters get early fix

On Friday at the end of last week, rumor had it that the highly acclaimed Sprint HTC EVO 4G was getting an operating system update. The EVO got its update, but early adopters got two.

When the rumors of an eminent Froyo update for the EVO 4G were sparked online early adopters went searching. The idea here is that HTC who is implementing the update posts the OTA update to their servers before they start sending them over the air. So some resourceful EVO users hunted down the file for a manual update. And what they found was, well not exactly the final version of the software. On the Friday before the Monday before the release of the update, Endgadget posted the link to HTC’s site that would give user’s full access to Froyo via a manual download. The manual update consisted of a few steps that would not have been as simple as installing the update OTA, however a few brave souls ventured into the great manual update unknown and well, they have to do it again. Shortly after the link was discovered and posted all over the internet, HTC made a statement saying that the update found on their site was not the final version, and strongly recommended that EVO users not install it. Early adopters in this industry usually don’t take recommendations, especially when it comes to the likes of a Froyo update. So long story short if you downloaded the Froyo update manually from HTC’s site, don’t fret, as HTC has stated that they will indeed be making an update to your update! However some real savvy cats over at the XDADevelopers site have seemed to found an early fix. If you installed manually you should be running a build of software number of 3.26.651.3, while the actual or final version of the software should be .6. So if you manually downloaded the update, you can now manually update your update through the XDA website, so go check it out. But before you do keep in mind that HTC has acknowledged the issue and will be making an official update so, either take your chances or wait, the choice is yours.

Did you jump the gun an update manually?

Will you wait for an HTC fix or will you jump on the XDA update?

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