EVO 4G update on June 28th

EVO users can rejoice and breathe at least a small sigh of relief, knowing that HTC and Sprint have not been caught up in all of the hoop la surrounding the iPhone 4 and is still thinking of you. Some of your greatest EVO issues may be solved sooner than you think.

We have reported issues with the HTC EVO in the past, mainly the screen issue was of our greatest concerns, however this was simply one issue in a short list of a few. BGR.Com states as of this morning one of their “connects” have let them in on a little secret. Secret is that Sprint will be issuing a software update as soon as June 28th. Now this software update is obviously not going to fix you screen separation issues, or even you FPS scrolling issues, but it should however make the words “buttery smooth” come back into your mind when using your Sprint EVO. The connect at BGR says that Sprint will be pushing out this much needed maintenance update for the EVO 4G within the next few days. This update will supposedly improve a few features found on the EVO. The EVO’s Wi-Fi will be getting an update, as it was reported by users recently that no matter how close they would be to a router the signal would simply not break 1 bar, some users claimed the signal would simply “bottom out” being only a few feet from their routers. Other improvements with this update will come in the form of Exchange Active Sync updates, this is said to fix an issue regarding new account set up and will address Exchange Server Calendar sync issues. The update is also addressing Social Networking Sync issues that are found common with the Facebook app.

Tell me about your EVO, do you have any issues with it? Facebook issues? Wi-FI issues?

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