Newer EVO 4G Owners Getting OTA Bug Fix for Front Facing Camera

Ignore the following if you bought your Evo 4G a while ago but pay attention if you recently picked up one of HTC’s EVO 4G flagship smartphones. Sprint is releasing an over-the-air (OTA) software update for newer EVO 4Gs to fix problems with its front facing camera. If your Evo 4G has firmware 3.29.651.5, Sprint says you don’t need to install the update and it shouldn’t appear as an option.

Evo 4G owners with version 3.30.651.2 should update to 3.30.651.3. It is unknown what will happen if you upgrade an older EVO to the newest firmware version so I wouldn’t try until some feedback on message boards says it’s safe. Why do only newer Evo 4Gs need the update?

The newest batch of Evo 4Gs being sold have a different firmware version and different parts inside. Apparently incompatibilities are wreaking havoc with the front facing camera when running certain video calling apps. From Sprint:

“Your EVO may turn off and back on when you attempt to access the camera through applications like Qik when your EVO is running system software version 3.30.651.2.

In some cases the device may repeatedly turn off and on and it may be necessary to perform a hard reset.” (A hard reset will erase all of your information on the device.)

“This repeated power cycling is most often caused by the Tango application. You should avoid installing this software on your device until we have identified a fix for this issue.”

Does that explain things well enough? The OTA update that is the solution to what Sprint described is rolling out as we speak. As always, make sure you backup your device before doing any operating system changes.

How many Evo 4G users have been having this problem? The HTC Evo is an amazing flagship smartphone and often compared to the iPhone 4 as one of its few, true competitors. Too bad it is only on Sprint’s network right now. Hopefully the Evo can eventually find itself on more networks either in its current form or when HTC makes the next Evo.

Let me know what you think. Have to reset your Evo 4G when trying to video call? Get the update yet? Envious that you can’t have an Evo 4G yet since it’s not on your carrier?

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