@Evleaks: “HTC M7 coming to market as simply the HTC One”

Good news everyone! The HTC M7 has made it back into the headlines! While we all sit around waiting on HTC to announce their new phones, the rumors and leakage just have no end in sight. The quietly brilliant company has been on the wrong side of earnings reports lately and anyone interested is hoping the new M7 and subsequent handset will put them back on the right track. The M7 and HTC rumors in general have been whipping around the interwebs since at least December of last year. New details today have brought the name of the handset into question and apparently the M7 name will not stick!

New details of HTC’s plans have hit the headlines today and they call for the death of the name M7. We always assumed the M7 name was place holder of sorts, but today Evleaks has all but confirmed such assumptions. The notoriously leaky and most times accurate @Evleaks Twitter account has published a tweet today that simply reads, “HTC M7 coming to market as simple the HTC One”. That’s not One X, Y, or Z, simply One. Which, I personally thought when watching this HTC party video. Since the first leak of the handset all we had to run with was M7! The transition to the HTC One makes perfect sense however for the company. The original One X and family have been around since last year and HTC has made strides in keeping the name relevant. So keeping with this brand should prove to be a good idea. Samsung won’t move away from Galaxies, and Apple will always be iPhones, so maybe the One legacy will be around for some time to come and if the M7 is a picture of its immediate future, were all cool with that!

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