eBay Arrives for BlackBerry

Well eBay’s BlackBerry application has finally gone from beta to launch and it is free. Available now in the BlackBerry App World, its sales pitch sums up what it can do quite nicely:

“Stay connected to everything that’s important to you on eBay from almost anywhere with the eBay® application for BlackBerry® smartphones. Search, watch, bid or buy. Get reminders in your BlackBerry calendar when a listing is about to end, enjoy near real-time alerts when there’s another bid or you’ve won or lost an item, and pay for an item using your BlackBerry smartphone”  

So what I am wondering is why it took eBay so long to realize that we do not stay in front of our computers all day. If you want to compete in this digital world, you need to be in front of your consumer at all times, and your consumer now walks around with a smartphone. However, even though it took so long to come out, I am happy that we finally have it now though.

Already there have been 1076 reviews of the app on BlackBerry App World, and it is getting 2 ½ stars out of 5. Why though? There are two groups of users of eBay, buyers and sellers. Check out one of the user reviews:

“This sux for sellers. Better off bookmarking the site as a fav. Can’t search ending listings to decide whether to buy something at a sale. Can’t check your listings. For buyers only and only so so for them. Very basic app I’ll likely delete.”

Fair enough. But it is disappointing to see companies release software that does not yet offer all of the functionality that it should, and instead release things in pieces and rely on our ability to quickly update. I suppose this makes app stores doubled edged swords. Sure, we get things quicker, but not necessarily always complete packages.

Will you be downloading the app for your BlackBerry? Or do you need all of the features that the full website offers? Let me know.

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