Droid X goes on back order and no one is really surprised


Technology moves so fast, that once you upgrade to that new LCD television something new comes out within seemingly hours that deems your new LCD outdated. When this epidemic started I’m not sure, however it seems that there is no end to it. When you take a high demand market like cell phones you can see this more evidently then in some other areas, one may consider a mobile device a need over a simple want. So the problem here is that the manufacturers simply cannot keep up. They have created this high end demand and simply cannot produce.

The Droid X came to the market place with much anticipation and saw some pretty impressive units moved. Most that were considering the out of stock Incredible (irony) jumped ship and went with the Droid X. It being a large and powerful phone it is surely a crowd pleaser. Verizon at one point allowed their customers waiting on the Incredible to change their selection to the Droid X at no additional cost, as a restocking time for the Incredible was not near (ohh the irony).  So now the irony continues as the Droid X has officially made it to the out of stock list and ultimately the Droid Incredible can now be found on Verizon’s “Certified Pre-owned” device list.

The Droid X is currently out of stock on Verizon’s website and has a replenishment date of 9/22, however reports from Droid-Life state that the replenishment could very well turn around a lot sooner than that. The cause of the depletion of the Droid X is likely based on demand and not a manufacturing delay and was summed up perfectly by Droid-Life writer, users simply need a “big a** screen taking up every last inch of their Diesel jeans pocket”. Well put Kellex….

Oh and the Incredible now has a pre-owned listing and are indeed out of stock. Are you on back order waiting on a Droid X? Interested in getting a used Incredible let us know, in the comments.

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