Droid X gets rooted

Shortly after the Droid X released, information on its eFuse technology began to spread on the internet. The initial rumor or issue was that the eFuse technology would not let the phones system be rooted, jailbroken or otherwise hacked. It was assumed that a “work around” or the word impossible would be erased from this issue in only a matter of time, well folks that time has come.

When attempting to root the new Droid X users discovered this eFuse technology, and stated that the technology “bricked” the phone leaving it useless. Motorola spoke on behalf of the eFuse technology claiming that the native software would simply need to be reinstalled and the Droid X should function fine. While this root is not a full work around to eFuse obviously this silly little eFuse chip cannot stop the most persistent for too long and as of today a successful root has been grown into the heart of the Droid X. The root initially comes with few restrictions as the development process is still ongoing. According to Intomobile.Com your rooted Droid X will not be able to install customer ROMs, as a “custom recovery image” for the Droid X has yet to be had, this being the essential ingredient for flashing an aftermarket ROM. While it with eFuse technology is still hard at work in this situation limiting the ability to flash non OEM ROM’s it is clearly only a matter of time before the full court press gets put on the Droid X.  

The root has been laid out all over the internet, and a step by step process can be explained by Xda-Developers at forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=502010.

If you are interested in rooting your Droid X, please keep in mind that it is not recommended by Verizon and or Motorola, and by doing this you assume the risk of permanently damaging your phones functionality.

So again, install at your own risk, we do not assume any responsibility in the event your phone bricks, nor do any of the developers involved.

But if you would like to get those darned pre installed apps removed from your Droid X and become a Android Superuser take a look at the roots.

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