Droid X gets a date with Froyo

Ok well maybe not a date, just a round about time frame; c’mon you guys know how these things work. There are never dates until that date. Ok sorry. Droid X users that are faithful to non-rooting and keeping their Droid X on 2.1 until Motorola or Verizon give you the go ahead, well the go ahead just got a little closer.

Surfacing on the World Wide Web today is a small post from a Motorola employee that basically gives a time frame stamp on the Froyo update. The small post comes to light on Motorola’s official Blog. The thread is essentially a discussion about the Droid X’s capabilities with regard to its notifications for corporate emails. The thread title is “Droid X – Notifications for Corporate Email” and the employee’s response, Some Droid X users are experiencing an issue using Exchange 2003 email. Though the email is arriving on the Droid X, no notifications are appearing. A fix for this will be included in the upgrade to Android 2.2 scheduled for deployment by early September.” The Motorola employee named Matt bolded the important parts for us, so it seems that they are just as excited as Droid X users.

Since the release of the new Droid X the big question is when Android 2.2 or Froyo be available and this posting is seemingly the closest thing we have gotten for an answer, outside of the generally speaking “coming soon” or “summer” time frames that have been posted by Motorola.

Taking a step back and looking at the grand scheme, if Matt’s post is to be true it looks like Froyo for Droid X will arrive around the same time the Droid 2 will be released.

Are you a Droid X user? Are you experiencing these exchanges issues? Or even better is September a reasonable time frame for you to wait for Froyo?

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