Droid X consumes more data than others

If you picked up a Droid X over the last week, I can imagine you are reading this from it, as you may have found it very hard to put down. Thank you for reading, however keep in mind that large monster Droid you hold right now, drinks like a fish.

Recently in the news it has been rumored that Verizon will be launching new ‘limited’ data plans and are most likely going to be very similar,  if not almost identical to At&t’s recent push to slow down any potential data “clog” on their network due to new devices like the iPhone 4. Verizon’s soon to be announced tiered plans come on the heels of the release of their new super phone the Droid X. With the recent tid-bit about the Droid X’s consumption, from Jennifer Byrne a business development executive with Verizon it looks as if these plans stand to reason. Byrne shared with the industry recently that the Droid X consumes up to five times more than any other smart phone on their network, quoted as saying “On Droid X, we’re seeing something like 5x the data usage of any other device.” This information was stated during a panel discussion with Zagat, and NBA Digital via the BBC.

With this in mind, the news of capping or limiting data seems like a smart thing to do for Verizon as a company. With more and more devices like the Droid X assumingly already in the works, it seems like we might not make it back to true unlimited data until 5G or even 6G.

Tell us what you think,

Do you think you can clock over 2GB of data in a month?

Will you be upset when Verizon implements these tiers?

Droid X user, do you feel like it’s your fault?

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