Droid X Accessories

From time to time we here at WirelessGround.Com like to remind our readers that we carry a huge selection of accessories for their mobile phones and devices. The Droid X has come into this world with a large screen and a very thin frame – and it’s not cheap – so why not get it protected?

I have recently had the chance to check out some really high quality products for the Droid X. You can check out the video of me sitting down with a Droid X and the new Body Glove Snap on cases made specifically for the Droid X below.

Body Glove cases are made up of a high grade plastic base, a soft a supple felt inner lining and a very grip able outer core that allows amazing protection from normal every day dents, dings and even the occasional drop. The Body Glove case for the Droid X also ships with an excellent Kick Stand belt clip. So if you would like to stand your Droid X on your desk or night stand you can do so with ease.

Keep in mind however, that we carry a wide and growing selection of Droid X accessories as well. Carrying the ultimate in style, professional, and high quality Monaco cases, that since the day they have arrived to our warehouse, have been sold out. You can check them all out at the Droid X’s dedicated page. The Monaco cases avalible for the Droid X keep the professional and conscious shopper in mind with their high quality leathers and over the top attention to sticing and over all detail. Check out Monaco cases at our accessories link at the top of the page.

Utility! Utility! Utility! If you could not tell Utility products are indeed my favorite set of accessories, why you ask? Well because they make your life easier – well at least to a certain degree -, here at WirelessGround we carry a slew of different chargers, data cables and car mounts to simplify certain areas of your mobile life. Take this simple concept for example, a retractable Micro USB data cable. This is a perfect cable for the Droid X user on the run, or any Droid X user that can’t stand twisting up there data cable when its time to go. Retractable data cables are a real simple solution to a common issue that most of us have grown a costume to.  Or how about charging more thatn one Droid X (or any micro USB device) in the same room, do you and you significant other really need two different chargers in the same outlet, that will most likely not fit anyway? No you surely don’t and this dual USB charger will indeed make life a little easier

Our Droid X accessory line will continue to grow as we are getting in cool new items daily for the monster phone. But as always guys if you have any questions or want to see something in a video by yours truely, be sure to shoot us an email. You can check out our full line up of accessores here at WirelessGround.Com

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