Droid Incredible not so Incredible for Business

The Droid Incredible sold under Verizon Wireless was released Thursday April 29 after being promoted as the industry standard for consumers in business. Skeptics however are quick to point out several features lacking in the currently released unit which are necessary in order to be practical for use with businesses. The security features leaves much to be desired. For one, the Droid Incredible does not have a feature regarding the use of a complex password. Neither does it have any feature to remotely access and erase all data if the device is stolen or lost. Being short of such security features makes entrepreneurs think twice of using the Droid Incredible and storing vital information in its system.

Representatives from the company Verizon Wireless are basing their statements of the device being suitable for business transactions for their inclusion of Microsoft Exchange as part of the program. According to sources, Microsoft Exchange is used by 500 million people in the business field, making the Android a suitable platform for business use. Exchange’s ActiveSync is beneficial for consumers to be able to wirelessly access various aspects such as their list of contacts, email and events among others,

Although some analysts will not recommend any smartphone that runs on Android for their lack of more stringent security features, the Droid Incredible is highly commended by other sources. One of which is eWeek. For entrepreneurs and any business related use, the iPhone is rated higher than the Droid Incredible.

The newly released Droid Incredible runs on an Android 2.1 platform and features a SnapDragon processor with a 1 gigahertz capability. It has a built in 8 megapixel camera and a user interface which runs on HTC’s Sense, the same company which has produced Google’s Nexus One. According to Verizon, the unit will retail at $199.99 under a two-year contract after utilizing a $100 rebate mailed in.

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