Your Droid Eris will not get a Froyo update, surprised?


The HTC Droid Eris made its way to the Verizon network way back in November of 2009 and is seemingly coming full circle at this point. Just about a month away from its yearly first birthday Verizon has announced some plans a few days ago that are sure to piss some people off. A Verizon spokes person, Brenda Raney has put the little Eris out in the cold with recent statements, saying in an email to that “We have other options in Android devices, so this is part of the normal evolution of our portfolio,” In other words your outdated, upgrade!

The Droid Eris as stated made its way to Verizon nearly a year ago launching on the side of its obviously more famous Droid. The Eris originally shipped with Android 1.5 installed and recently caught an upgrade in May to version 2.1. However the buck stops there. The Droid Eris has recently been discontinued from Verizon’s “portfolio”. However, there seems to be some pretty angry customers ranting on forums and for good reason. The device has not been out for a year, and their contracts were signed for two. So these unfortunate Eris users are left in the dark wondering what their options look like as there devices cannot use certain apps and features its Froyo rocking counterparts can.

Unfortunately if you are an Eris user, your upgrade time may be sooner than expected. Assuming you need Froyo, as some end users may not know how Froyo can benefit them. It is a cell phone to most. But good job Verizon, you managed to piss off your end user’s again and in turn will most likely turn them onto the likes of rooting or I will. If you’re interested to hooking your Eris up with a root, head on over to XDA they have the goods for you.

Eris user? Pissed? Sound off and let Verizon know why your mad!

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