Droid 2 Gets training material

From time to time leaks happen, and depends can’t help. The highly anticipated Droid 2 has been making its name known in the past few weeks by showing its face or hints of its face all over the place. From Droid 2 cases being spotted in a Best Buy, to these pictures recently leaking showing training information about the soon to be Droid 2 it is looking to be a much hyped model.

The Motorola Droid 2 has leaked in the past, showing itself off as the Droid X was on its way to the market. Well it seems that more information on the Droid 2 has leaked out and details are a plenty. Originally posted by Droid-Life, the pictures you see above and below are training materials for Verizon customer service rep’s. While this is essentially a rumor and information that has not been verified we will take this with a grain of salt. But after reading this Droids specs, it surely seems to be a crowd pleaser. Some features confirmed with this training information are, The Droid 2 will ship with Froyo or Android 2.2, it will ship with Swype preloaded, has remote wipe and lock feature, can record video in “DVD Quality”, come equipped with a mobile hotspot option, improvements to corporate exchange, and is also coming with the new MotoBlur skin. Within the training materials Verizon is letting their employees know to push this Droid 2 as a replacement to Droid 1 users, makes sense right.

The Droid 2 is looking to be a very well rounded piece of hardware, with the removal of the ‘keypad’ and the fact that the unit is shipping with Froyo, I like this unit already. No official release time was anywhere to be found on these supposed internal documents, so I guess only time will tell

You looking forward to the Droid 2?

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