Droid 2 World Edition shows 1.2 GHz

This morning Droid-Life brought the world some pictures of the new Droid World Edition. Recently rumors surrounding the non World Edition Droid 2 that has launched just mere weeks ago would meet its maker and be EOL’ed soon. The rumor speculated that the World Edition of the Droid 2 would take its place on Verizon’s buffet. If these rumors are indeed true, Droid 2 users now should have more reason to be a little angry.

The pictures of the new WE Droid 2 are unsurprisingly no surprising. The World Edition sports the same exact design and external specs with slight modifications in regard to the World Edition Droid 2’s color scheme. But you know Droid-Life did not stop at some cool pics showing off a color change. The world needed more and they got it. It looks as if the new WE Droid 2 will be sporting an ARMV7 processor that is running speeds of 1.2 GHz which is about 200 more MHz than what is found on the non world Droid 2. With the processor running at these speeds, this surely makes it the fastest running device on the market… at least for now. When running a Quadrant benchmark Droid-Life reports that the first round shows a 1566 and the second round shows 1709. Pretty impressive to say the least, check out more details at Droid-Life.Com

If you were waiting on the World Edition Droid 2, good call. But for those of you who picked up the non-world edition, does this affect you? What if the first Droid 2 gets ousted?

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