Droid 2 Gets a Date to Dance

The Motorola Droid 2 will be one of the most anticipated Droids to date. Why you ask? Well let’s forget its amazing bench mark speeds and its overall design update from the first Motorola Droid, for one second and look at the leaks. This Droid 2 has been all over the internet with showing its pretty butt off and teasing all who wait for its grand debut.

Earlier in the day BGR.Com posted a small entry, basically stating that they have a release date from the internal inventory from Best Buy. The small entry also stated that Best Buy who recently closed up pre orders on multiple Android devices, will be opening the pre order service back up for the new Blackberry Torch. But the info for the August 12th release of the Droid 2 is seemingly holding its weight. Droid-Life has posted a picture to further confirm what BGR posted, a picture, cause we all know it’s “All Ducktales until you post a picture”. The picture above is reminiscent of a top secret launching platform that need two master keys to activate, ok maybe not that serious, but it does indeed look to confirm this information. The internal document actually posts a little humor as well. When looking at the first sentence at the top of the document it mentions the spied cases found in a Best Buy recently. But more importantly the internal document states in bold “Do not sell the Droid 2 before August 12th” and then goes on to state some Droid 2 specs that have surely already been exposed.

So this is good news. Most users, bloggers, and even Motorola probably will be happy to see the Droid 2 release, finally. But Droid-Life brings up a good question, why no news from Motorola, the 12th is only 6 days away.

As always guys and gals, only time will tell. Surely there will be more information on the Droid 2 before the 12th.

Eagerly awaiting the Droid 2? Let us know what you think of the new announcement of August 12th.

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