Droid 2 goes on sale today

So today marks the pre order date for the Droid 2. Tomorrow is the actual release date of the unit and it looks like the hype is starting to bubble over. There has been much anticipation in regard to the new Droid 2 and it is clearly coming to a halt, as at last the Droid 2 will be for sale.

Yesterday brought the world some official news from Verizon and Motorola as they gave the nod on the release of the Droid 2. Just two days before its actual release, until yesterday there were only speculation and rumor as the company did not release any information. Well my friend’s today is the day.  A commercial that will most likely be aired all over the place is now available for your viewing pleasure

The Droid 2 will run you about 200 bucks with a new two year contract and around 500 for the unit itself. Some details of what to expect from the Droid 2 are listed below, but for more detailed details check out Verizons site, you can look where the original Droid used to be.

3.7″ Touch Screen 480×854 WVGA Display — supports up to 16M colors

Slide–Out QWERTY Keyboard

 5.0MP camera with auto focus, touch–to–focus, and face detection

DVD–D1 Video capture

8GB Internal Memory

8GB pre-installed microSDcard

TI OMAP 1GHz processor with Dedicated GPU

Push Email Support; Gmail & Exchange &Yahoo

Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth

Skype Mobile pre-installed.

So there you have it kids, in a nutshell…a really cool and powerful Droid is about to invade so go get your pre-order on!

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