Droid 2 Display models surface, anticipation grows larger

The Droid devices that have been coming out of Motorola’s manufacturing facilities has impressed most users that get their hands on them. From the original Droid to the Droid X and now the ever awaited Droid 2, Motorola is seriously generating a buzz for themselves.

But for goodness sakes Motorola just drop the Droid 2 already. The Droid 2 has made its way through the rumor ringer, to prove to be real. It then gets some more face time on the interwebs, exposing it-self a dozen or so times and even getting a few bench mark testing’s. Well the fun of the Droid 2 has not ceased and assumingly will not until launch time. A pictured posted by Engadget shows two dummies of the Droid 2 in all there greatness. In recent leaks we have gotten the chance to see the Droid 2 display models hit the airwaves, looks cool and all but no real perk here, other than the fact that this simply means we are one step closer to actually seeing the Droid 2 launch. Other spotting of Droid 2 fame came in the form of cases for the model being on sales racks at Best Buy locations. Are you excited yet? The anticipation of the Droid 2 is growing thicker, however with no actual release date set, how long do you think Motorola could milk this free advertising campaign? Hopefully they do not wait too much longer as getting over it, is surely in the near future for some (I’m one). So the next step in this process would be to see this device go up for pre-sales, then go out of stock and become just another Droid on the market.

 Considering the benchmark testing already set out on this little Droid, my assumptions will most likely not be true, and this Droid 2 will rule the “air” as one of if not the fastest Droid on the market.

Did you pass on a Droid X for a Droid 2? Still waiting?

Waiting for a Droid 2….Still waiting?

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