Droid 2 being discontinued?


Ahh the rumor mill, the mill is meeting up with the Droid 2. This little replacement to the ever popular OG Droid, was launched just a mere 5 weeks ago is in jeopardy of being phased out, this according to a little rumor making its way around the ring.

BGR has recently un- earthed an internal Verizon document that has some pretty intriguing information posted under the Droid 2. The listing shows a Droid X to the left with a “New” labeling a Droid Incredible to the right which presumably states “by HTC” and the Droid 2 with a “While supplies last” labeling? Now we all know that the manufacturers of these high end smart phones are having a hard time keeping up with demand, but the Droid 2 has been around for about a month, what gives?  Answer, the Droid 2 World Edition. While this is essentially still rumor, it would only make sense.  It is hard to understand why Motorola would push so hard to get this device into the market place, simply to pull it out and release an updated version.  However, when looking at it from a business perceptive it is surely understandable. But why not make the Droid 2 a “world device” out of the gate.

While this is still a rumor, it is hard to imagine something being outdated within a matter of a month or so, as all Droid 2 users that have already picked the device up won’t have the World Capabilities. Did you pick up a Droid 2? Does this new, leave you all tingly inside?

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