iPhone 4 Users Can Laugh at the Droid 2’s Antenna Problems

I know it’s not nice to go around pointing and laughing at other’s misfortune, but after everything Apple iPhone 4 users had to put up with lately, I think they deserve a good chuckle. Okay, so we all know about the ‘Antennagate’ problems the iPhone 4 suffers from. Cases are out; software fixes have been deployed, no big deal. It’s not like it ever made the iPhone 4 unusable and its ability to drop calls was exaggerated. Not so for the Motorola Droid 2.

The Droid 2 is apparently having difficulty maintaining a signal even when it is not held. Yes, you read that correctly. It also drops from 3G network connection to EDGE/GRPS when stationary. Oh, and did I mention that the signal strength it reports visibly goes up and down? Okay, Motorola, you screwed up with this one.

While Droid 2 owners wait for a fix or something, the Apple fans can go ahead and laugh. Sure, Apple might have screwed up some things on the iPhone 4. Its competitors got angry that it responded with an “everyone else has problems too.” Then they ran ads mocking it. That all looks like it’s coming back to bite them.

Regardless of where you stand with all of this, just keep something in mind. In the tech blog arena, problems can get overblown. Very, very overblown. It’s not the end of the world if a high-tech product has a design flaw in the first batch. While it might feel good to know that an Android OS smartphone is having its own ‘antennagate’ meltdown, I really do hope that everything gets sorted out for them—I doubt it’s much more than a software glitch.

So what do you think? Should we all go and make fun of the Droid 2 owners? Or should we extend the olive branch and offer our condolences? Decisions decisions. I know you have an opinion of your own so why not let us hear it.

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