Dictate E-mails for Free on Your BlackBerry

A free Dragon for E-mail application is out on the BlackBerry App World and it’s sweet. For those of you who remember computer technology before the year 2000, voice-to-text was going to allow us all to never have to touch a keyboard again unless we wanted to. Right. At least the implementation of the program is good and it runs on your BlackBerry. It might also help out if you’ve developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from writing too much on your device. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg won’t have to trade in his BlackBerry now for an Android OS powered smartphone. Unfortunately, the app might pick up his shouting at people to “ice” Smirnoffs.

The way the application works is simple. According to its App World blurb, you simply “…just open up your email client and start dictating anytime you want to send an email message. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.” Such integration definitely handy, but the program lacks SMS support, which is perhaps its one fatal flaw. Combined with voice commands, we could have seen some really cool hands-free texting combination possible so that you wouldn’t have to risk life or limb whenever you succumb to the urge to answer a text message when driving.

Another feature that Dragon for E-mail is missing is the ability to create custom dictionaries. While not necessary for e-mail, such a feature would certainly be handy for future SMS support. One other caveat: as with all voice-to-text programs, similarly sounding words are sometimes confused for eacho ther, and slang is well, slang. As always, pretend that you are speaking to a non-native English speaker and speak as clearly and with as much enunciation as possible.

While our smartphones have come a very long ways in a short time, there is still a large lack of voice command abilities in them. Sure, dialing whatever name I ask for is cool, but I want a phone that is constantly listening to what I say and waiting to fulfill my wishes. We could even name our phones so that they only respond to commands that come directly after we’ve gotten their attention. For now that will have to wait though.

Since Dragon for E-mail is free, it can’t hurt to check it out and see if it works well for you and your particular manner of speaking.

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