Doctors Choose iPhones over BlackBerrys in Large Numbers

Doctors love smartphones, in fact, they love them so much that depending on which poll you believe, between 72 and 94% of them have adopted one. That information comes from Spyglass Consulting Group and Manhattan Research, respectively. Wonder what else the market research companies have dug up? According to the people over at Spyglass, 44% of the doctors surveyed used an iPhone, while only 25% used a BlackBerry.

So exactly why are so many doctors dumping their plain old cell phones for smartphones? Well, first of all, doctors need to communicate through a variety of formats including the standard telephone call but also email and text messages. Even though a lot of doctors’ offices are still chugging along with archaic paper records and documents, the doctors themselves definitely make more than the average Joe and are highly educated. This is exactly what those who have had to sit through a college marketing class would deem an “innovator” in the technology adoption lifecycle.

While I will spare you the bell curve charts and marketing babble, these men and women are the ones who convince those coveted “early adopters” as to what technology they should purchase, and then the rest of the world follows suit. Swing by Wikipedia if you want to know more about how we all actually choose what products we will use and how those marketing guys have us really figured out.

As for why doctors are choosing the iPhone over the BlackBerry—and just to note, these surveys were done before the iPhone 4 came out—maybe it has something to do with the apps that are available. While I will certainly not claim to be a medical doctor by any stretch of the imagination, I have been toying around with a trial version of Epocrates, an iOS compatible tool designed to help doctors make clinical decisions.

Chock of information on everything medical and quite expensive to purchase I might add, it is very strongly supported by its developer. The last time I checked, the latest update added another 175 drugs to its database with enough information for a doctor to make dosing decisions and figure out if there will be interactions with other drugs the patient is taking. That is in addition to all of the other information it offers.

A little scared that your doctor might be making his decisions off of an iTunes app? Have an opinion as to why doctors love smartphones and more specifically, the iPhone? Leave a comment and weigh in. Props if you are a doctor yourself.

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