Did a Magenta Clad Galaxy S III Just Pass Through the FCC?



The Samsung Galaxy S III whether you’re buying its pitch or not is an amazing new handset that is ready to push the bar when it comes to the world of mobile smart phones. The Galaxy S III was announced last month to a much anticipated release. Many who have been following the rumors of the GSIII may have found themselves a bit let down with the details of the device. However, like it or not the Samsung Galaxy III is on its way to the market place. According to Samsung the unreleased Galaxy S III has clocked in over 9 million pre-orders for the device. With the prospect of the Galaxy S III making its way stateside, it will surely clock higher sales numbers in the near future.

At its announcement Samsung went on record proposing the GSIII will be available on all four major US carriers. Friday, brought the world the first little details that shows the Galaxy S III headed to the America. Here in the states we have this little government run organization called the FCC. These guys have to get their grubby little hands on all pieces of technology that will be put up for consumption by end users.  On Friday of last week, T-Mobile’s version of the GSIII entered the approval process via the FCC and in short order also got its approval from the Bluetooth SIG. While in the loving hands of the FCC, the details of the handset have shown off its model number as the SGH-T999, while the previous iteration, the GSII for T-Mo had a model number of SGH-T989. If that wasn’t enough, details of the entities inspection also reveal the T999 will be running with 1700 Mhz AWS frequency bands, which pretty much solidifies it as a T-Mobile device.  The handset adds a consonant to be rebranded as the SGH-T999V, over at the Bluetooth SIG which pretty much confirmed to be carrying the latest in Bluetooth version 4.0 and be compatible with “HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, HFP1.5, OPP, PBAP, MAP, PAN, HID” Bluetooth protocols. So what does all of this mean? Well if you’re currently anticipating the launch of the new GSIII here in the states, approval from the FCC is one of the last major hurdles of paper work for Samsung to jump over in order to properly set up the devices release. So these details put the handset one step closer to its expected “summer” release.

So the Galaxy S III T999 has been approved for its consumption in the states, its Bluetooth functionality has been picked apart and proved worthy, and it have even made its way to get Wi-Fi certified alongside the i535 and the L710 mystery Samsung models. In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S III is on its way to making a timely appearance on all the four major carriers here in the states. Are you excited? I know we are. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Galaxy S III. And remember, we have all the very best in Samsung accessories.  

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