Larger game developers looking to Androids platform for gaming

In recent news, Apples i-operating system and application requirements have been updated. The latter of which, being somewhat less restrictive than previous requirements, the updates brought new joy to developers and new potential to their final products. But with the Android OS on the rise it looks as if these developers are finally taking their hands out of Apple customer’s pockets and focusing on the Android OS.

The Unreal Engine that everyone is crazing about as well as the legendary EA Games is looking to focus some game time onto the little green one. In an unofficial announcement via Twitter, Mark Rein the VP of Epic Games has stated that “We’ve demoed Unreal Engine 3 on Android w/Tegra2 before and at KCG today we showed it on a Samsung Galaxy S device.” Simply put folks, the Unreal Engine will surely be available to Android devices in the near future. Epic is well known for its amazing graphics and addictive game play and could very well sell more of their games on Android’s OS than on Apples, considering the crowd…just saying.

In other similar news EA has taken its sights at Android’s OS. More information out of the Deutsche Bank Tech Conference puts some excellent EA titles in the hands of Android users. Electronic Arts, CFO Eric Brown, let a little nugget of goodness slip in regard to EA’s existence on the Android market, saying EA see the Android market as their next plan of attack,  “So I think there’s a lot to happen in the future in Android, and we’re trying to position our mobile business to take advantage of that trend.” Brown, goes on to state what the whole community is thinking, that the Android Market place needs an update to compete with Apples app store.  During a Q&A portion of the Deutsche Bank Tech Conference Brown goes on to state “I think the next big positive wave to push better growth in mobile will be the deployment of an App Store equivalent for the Android operating system,” as well as “We think long term … the Android market is going to take its share.” Don’t believe him or the hype? Well @EAmobile tweeted yesterday that Madden 11’ is coming to Android. I’m happy!

I love the idea that these bigger gaming companies are bringing their ultimately awesome games to the Android marketplace, I truly do and I am as excited as the next gamer, but damn it’s obvious how much money talks. But I digress, there in business.

Are you as excited as I’m to see these higher end games hit the Android market? Let me know what you think this means for the future of Android Gaming, I say it’s about damn time!

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