Dell’s Thunder shakes things up a bit

Dell has recently been in the news with their famed Streak, making its way into the states. The verdict on the 5 inch smart phone tablet has not been made yet, we are all thinking that this Thunder will probably do better. Today leaked pictures and video of the new Dell Thunder have made their way to the internet and boy this thing looks good.

The Dell Thunder first leaked onto the scene back in April and impressed most anyone that laid eyes on it. The initial leak of the Thunder were simply renderings of the what the device will look like, but with pictures and video of a physical model it seems that the “sexiness” has not subsided. Engadget has gotten their hands on some video of the Thunder from a ‘tipster’ who goes on to say a little about the device. He claims that the camera is an 8MP camera with flash, 720p video recording capabilities and a 1400 mAh battery. This prototype is said to be running Android version 2.1 and will most likely carry the unique Dell skins when it ships. The screen is supposedly 800 x 480, but the tipster in the comments on the blog goes on to state, “using it – it looks like the resolution is up in the thousands”. While there is no price on the unit at this point, it surely looks like Dell is headed in the right direction with their mobile endevours. Catch the video here;

So tell us what you think of the newly leaked Dell Thunder, look appealing to you?

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