Dell taking the tablet wars seriously with multiple selections

If you’re following along in the world of everything tech and mobile you may have heard of the monster sized phone that Dell has recently launched. It’s called the Dell Streak and it’s a 5 inch behemoth of a well… cell phone. Surely most people would call it a tablet of sorts, however I know better. Ok, I’m kidding, but really the Streak is large device with a microphone and earpiece in it, hopefully the new tablets out of Dell’s camp are not similar, as talking into a 7 or 10 inch tablet may be a little…well you fill in the blank.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dell’s Greater China President Amit Midha, let the world in on a little secret. The company will be launching their 10 inch and 7 inch tablet variations within 6 to 12 months. With the tabl-phone Streak already in the world, this would put Dell in a rather ambitious position with 5, 7 and 10 inch tabelts. The 5 inch Streak is running Android OS, while the somewhat exposed 7 inch variety is said to be running Android as well, it leave one wondering if Android’s OS would be found on the 10 inch version. Rumors speculate that the 10 inch variation will be rocking Windows 7, and we all know the grip on Windows 7 on a touch screen, yada, yada, if they get it to work, cool if not, Gingerbread should sound like a viable option. You tell me!

With this iteration of Dell tablets, you can surely expect the tablet “wars” to heat up . The launch of the Galaxy Tab, and its 10 inch variation, Blackberry has finally put their game face on with the Playbook, HP soon to be launching the Slate and all of them trying to catch Jobs and the Apple machine. Good luck, guys, the future of mobile computing depends on making a tablet that can compete with the already 3 million sold iPad. Can it be done? Will Dell be the tablet maker to bump Apple off of its pedestal?

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