Dell Streak to update to 2.1


When the Dell Streak was officially launched most did not know what to make of the 5 inch Android powered monster phone/device. It was a conundrum within the cell phone industry as it is too big to be called a cell phone but just a little too small to be called a tablet. But those of us in the know could look past any of that to know that the Dell Streak is not really impressive at all, considering its runs Android version 1.6, which is outdated by almost a year.

Last month the US saw a release of the Dell Streak, the launch was an At&t exclusive and seemingly did not make many friends once launched, due to its outdated OS. However, it looks as if the large Dell Streak will be seeing an update in a few short days. The Dell Streak initially launched overseas (with the same outdated OS) and it looks like the updates will release the same way. The Dell Streak for UK customers on O2 network can expect to see a 2.1 update to their Streaks by the first of September. Updates with 2.1 are said to include 720p video recording, live wall papers, multiple-exchange email accounts, oh and multi-touch. No you did read that wrong, all of these simple features were not already installed on the Dell Streak. If you are unfamiliar with the Dell Streak take a look, a 5inch touch screen with 800×480 resolution, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 5MP camera with dual LED’s, a front facing VGA camera. All of this paired with Android 1.6 feels like someone got over on you.

Don’t get me wrong and update to 2.1 is indeed a great addition to this already meager device, but it just makes you wonder, what they were thinking.

Dell Streak owner? Let us know what you think of this update.

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