The Dell Streak Pro D43 makes a comeback as Baidu’s first Yi based device!



Hold off the candle light vigils for the Dell Streak for now as it seems to be making a home in China. Earlier this month the company put the axe to their 7 inch Streak, completely removing the device from their site and subsequently removing the Streak line up in its entirety. The only artifacts of the Streak’s legacy still within the walls of Dell’s website are a few accessories. Don’t fret though the Dell Streak will live on in a Pro model throughout China with the power of Baidu’s very own Yi operating system.

So what is Baidu? Well think of a China based Google. The company is web services based and calls Beijing home. While the Yi OS is essentially a remodeling if you will of Android, it stands for ‘easy’ and is set to make the mobile world a bit more streamlined for its users. September the company announced its plans for the operating system and it didn’t take long for implementation. That is where the Dell Streak comes back into play. Earlier this month a variation of the Streak known as the Dell Streak Pro 101DL appeared within the blogosphere running the Baidu’s latest OS. Today however this once rumor has become official. The Dell Streak Pro D43 as it is known has become official. While the specifications on this new device are not through the roof, it can surely hold its own. The screen on the new Streak measures in at 4.3 inches sports an AMOLED design with a 960×540 pixel resolution and is wrapped up nice with Corning’s own Gorilla glass. Internally the Streak Pro runs a 1.5 GHz dual core MSM8260 processor that is made up by the genius at Qualcomm. Other details include 8GB of ROM and microSD memory expansion up to 32GB. While Android is absent in regard to Google services and the market place, the void is fulfilled by a Yi app store, 100GB of free space in the cloud, voice and sync services just like you would expect. Don’t expect to see the Yi filled Dell Streak Pro D43 to hit the states any time soon. It’s good to know that Dell did not give up entirely on the Streak model.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this foreign based Dell Streak? Are you jealous? Interested in Yi and Baidu? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. But before you leave find all the Dell Streak accessories you need today.

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