Dell Streak Locked into At&t, and the hype dies….already

So when you buy a new device you usually get two options. One you can pick up the phone at a considerable discount and sign a contract that usually extends for about two years or your other option in most cases, is buying the device without a contract with the carrier. Assuming the technology that makes it go vroom is the same i.e.,  At&t to T-Mobile, Verizon to Sprint you can potentially unlock the device and use it on the carrier of your choice. Unfortunately this seems to not be the case with the over sized Dell Streak.

“Lionel at Dell” has tweeted some considerable sad and not really surprising news. Basically what hes saying is that no matter if you get a Dell Streak under contract with the discount, or you ponied up almost 600 bucks, you are locked into At&t regardless. Sounds cool huh? Pair that with the fact that this Dell Streak runs Android 1.6 and you can almost bet this device will not really get too far. Lionel’s post reads “Lots of folks are asking about the $549 version of #dellstreak. To be clear, it will not be unlocked. It is SIM-locked to AT&T.” When the Dell Streak was posted on the manufacturers website for sale at full retail, the hype began as the idea was at that price it should be completely unlocked, but it looks like we won’t be so lucky.

This is truly a sad day for the Dell Streak as it would most likely be a hot selling unit if not for these restrictions. In reality, we can get over the 1.6 OS, but locking this massive tablet phone to the notorious At&t is simply not a good idea. I would bet this is At&t keeping it “all in the family” but damn it Dell!

Not sure if any of you care, but does this change anything for you? Were you interested in a Streak? Are you still?

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