Dell can hear you: Streak to skip 2.1 straight to 2.2

So in the past couple weeks some details have emerged from the light that the Dell Streak gives off when it blows right past you. Dell was most likely hoping that Streak of light was enough for you to forget about the details. But it looks like Dell noticed it has not blinded us and will be doing something about it.

Just a few days ago Dell announced the release of their smart phone ‘micro tablet’ onto the world. The Dell Streak is to be priced at $300 bucks if you sign your life away to At&t or $550 if you like your Streak sans the contract. But one of the major concerns or problems with the release of the Streak is that it is to release state side with Android 1.6. This was pretty much a shot in the foot by the company and it seems that since the internet went crazy on the issue Dell has taken notice. Last week brought the interwebs a tweet from @LionelatDell who confirmed that no one should buy a Streak that is “unlocked” for $550 as the device is seemingly locked into At&t no matter what sim you drop in there. Today Lionel let the US know that Froyo will be coming to the US based streaks. In what seems like a response to a new Dell Streak owner, Lionel stated “Honest answer is that it’s complicated. From the info I have, current plan in the US is to go right to Froyo”. So it looks like Dell has gotten the memo, just makes you wonder why exactly you would need a memo to know that installing the faster, newer and more improved OS would be beneficial for your company as well as your customer.

So there is obviously no time frame, but it is good to know Dell is listening to you! Right?

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