Dell Streak gets unofficial 2.1 update in the UK

Dell has done the deed of putting themselves into the mobile market. The Dell Streak has made its way onto the scene in the past month or so and is a hit or miss kind of tablet, why? Well out of the box it runs Android 1.6. Not a really good selling point to those in the know. Dell since day one has let the world know that an update to 2.1 will be issued shortly, well its coming, but the saying “to little too late” comes to mind.

A member has recently taken it upon himself to scour the ends of the earth to upgrade his Streak and scour he did, as a link to the update has been found. The link to the update is under an odd url and is reportedly very slow and sluggish, and essentially turned most in the know away as it seemed suspicious. However sources at Engadget have confirmed its origin and further that it is indeed not a final copy of the update. The update found was for Q2 Dell Streaks only, so if you’re an American Streak user don’t get your hopes up yet. And even if you’re a Q2 user, the link to the update should most likely be cut off sometime soon. Claims are coming in around the internet that there are many Streak users that have installed the update and are enjoying the fruits of their labor with 2.1. Improved keyboards, recording video in 720p and live wall papers are just some of the expected perks when installing the update.

So there you have it, if you are a Q2 based user running a Dell Streak go ahead and install the update. But keep in mind it is a manual OS update so brickage is indeed possible, so be careful.

Have you installed the update, let us know what you think of the new 2.1 update. And American users sound off and let Dell know that you need 2.1 or even 2.2 for that matter!

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