Dell Ditches BlackBerrys for Employees in Favor of the Venue Pro

Dell is requiring all of its employees to switch their BlackBerrys for Dell made Windows Phone 7 devices. Since Dell only has one WP7 model right now—the Venue Pro—that means those 25,000 BlackBerrys are headed to the trash for a smartphone that currently has no copy and paste (thanks to Microsoft) but does have Gorilla Glass and a 1 GHz processor. Hmm…

Okay, WP7 will be getting copy and paste in January with its first big update. Not that big of a deal but certainly annoying until the fix is out. But what is interesting is that Dell wasn’t already using its own smartphones. From the looks of some of the stuff the company has made in the past you can’t really blame them for being onboard the BlackBerry train.

Now that Dell has WP7 and a strict set of guidelines from Microsoft on what it has to include in its phones, the Venue Pro certainly is an impressive machine. With its vertical slider configuration, I think it is the company’s best phone to date. The bigger issue at stake however is that when it comes to the corporate phone market, who wouldn’t be switching away from BlackBerry right now? Dell is going to make a lot of money convincing businesses to dump BlackBerrys for Dell made smartphones like it is doing right now. What could be a better learning experience to help Dell guide a company through the process than having gone through it itself?

Don’t think that Dell is going Microsoft-only though. The Venue Pro will eventually be released in an Android variant and Dell will allow its employees use that if they want to. Will they want to though? WP7 already has passed the 1,000 app mark before launch and is expected to quickly pass the 10,000 app mark. As long as people buy WP7 phones, the apps will be there. Developers already are stating that they prefer WP7 as a platform over Android (and of course BlackBerry) because of how much easier it is to build for. The vast majority of companies are already Microsoft customers, with their productivity software, PC operating system and office server systems.

Can Microsoft break through BlackBerry’s grip of the corporate world with WP7? The company certainly hopes so, and it looks like Dell is finally starting to have some faith in the smartphones that it makes. Weigh in below with a comment. Think a real competitor to BlackBerry is here to battle in the corporate world?

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