Custom Text Message Ringtones in iOS 4.2

Apple’s coming iOS 4.2 update promises quite a lot. Wireless printing on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will all be making an appearance. However, some of the actual phone functions on the iPhone 4 are still lacking. I ran into a huge amount of frustration the other day trying to send a photograph via Bluetooth to a friend from my iPod touch. (Come on Apple, I could do this years ago on a dumb phone from Motorola.) At least one thing Apple iPhone fans have been complaining about for years will get a much needed fix. The new iOS 4.2 will finally allow users to assign specific ringtones for text messages received. There is a catch however.

Basically, iOS 4.2 will finally let iPhone users to finally assign specific ringtones to play based on who text messages them. The catch I just mentioned? Only default ringtones in iOS will work. Not even ringtones that you have purchased from iTunes can be set to play when someone text messages you. This is a huge bummer. However, keep in mind that the version of iOS 4.2 being tested right now by developers is still the first beta version. Many of the promised features like wireless printing are not quite fully operational yet and some developers are having trouble even installing iOS 4.2 beta 1 onto their iOS devices. Long story short? There is still hope that any ringtone can be set to play for specific contracts when they text message you. Apple might not have gotten around to polishing this feature yet.

I love the fact that Apple seems to be making some improvements into the regular phone parts of iOS. Despite being a fan of Apple’s products and a blogger about them, I have to admit that it is not exactly the very best phone for the phone part of smartphone. Hopefully, Apple decides that it needs to start putting in better functionality for parts of its iPhone that are not just money making schemes for iTunes. If you are buying a $200 phone with contract you deserve to be able to set up custom ringtones for each person who calls or texts you.

Let me know how you feel about custom text message ringtones in iOS 4.2. This feature being implemented far too late in iOS? Apple going to try to make more money off of everyone through iTunes by making people buy specific text message ringtones? Tell me in the comments.

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