Manufacturer Roadmap Puts Curve 9300 Release in August for the UK

I mentioned yesterday that the FCC had already gotten its hands on Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) new BlackBerry Curve 9300 “Kepler,” meaning that its release date is just around the corner. (Read here.) Things get even better. BlackBerryRocks is claiming that a leaked manufacturer roadmap—not unlike the one proposed by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky that detailed six new smartphones from RIM this year (read here)—is saying that the 9300 will hit stores in the United Kingdom sometime in August. So it looks like yes indeed, we are getting the new device very very soon.

If you remember, the 9300 “Kepler” is expected to either ship with or be readily upgradeable to BlackBerry OS 6. This might mean that OS 6 is coming out sometime in August, that BlackBerry App World 2.0 is going to come out in August, and that we might even really get to finally see the new Bold 9800 “Torch” show up in an AT&T store near you by then. Expect a big marketing push from RIM at the same time too.

It seems that even RIM’s most loyal have been joining in on the RIM bashing lately, and the company has been due for a makeover for quite a while. Are RIM’s new phones and OS too little too late? Have customers already decided to go with another brand of smartphone when they are ready to upgrade? I would hold off until everything comes out in August before making a decision like that.

So, are you keeping your fingers crossed and hoping that the “Kepler” comes out sooner than later? Or is all you care about when OS 6 finally rolls out so you can upgrade your current device to the new and improved Webkit-based browser? Let me know.

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