Cricket Announces the Kyocera Hydro Plus


Kyocera’s water proof Hydro Plus smart phone arrives at Cricket for cheap! Every year that passes we see more and more smart phone and tablet options. From the simplest entry level devices to the world dominating flagships, our selection and choices continually grow. It wasn’t too long ago waterproof, shock proof and all around rugged handhelds were limited to dumb phones or mundane flip phones. Today however our ruggedized options have spread from a few simple devices to an entire genre of choice. Today Kyocera has announced yet another handset out of their Hydro series and this one will be making its way to the frequencies of Cricket.

The Kyocera Hydro series of devices has been around for a while now. From the original Hydro to the Hydro Edge, Hydro XTRM, and Hydro Elite it’s safe to assume Kyocera as a grip on this water thing. Today Kyocera and Cricket have announced as new Hydro, the Hydro Plus. The Hydro Plus is rugged, water proof, affordable and sits at the entry level gate with its rather unimpressive spec sheet. The device comes with an IP57 certification which means the casing on the phone will protects its important bits in light of dust and water immersion. Specifically the Hydro Plus can be immersed in liquid up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, if you’re a spec junky its waterproofing and super low price point is all the device has going for it. The Hydro Plus will be offered up at Cricket for about $140 bucks sans contract. The device starts with a 3.5 inch IPS touch screen display that offers up a 320×480 pixel resolution and gives its end users touchy control over Android version 4.0. Internally the Plus uses a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 2 GB of storage as well as expandable micro SD memory with a 4 GB card included. The Plus will get its go from a 1500 mAh battery and also sports a 3.2 mega pixel camera. Additionally the handset comes with Cricket’s Muve Music application but does not support LTE connectivity but will keep you 3G’d all day long.

Any takers? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you think of the new Kyocera Hydro Plus. Also remember all the very best in Kyocera Accessories are here.

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