Tap your smart phone to pay for your goods!

You may have found yourself at say McDonalds paying for your bag of grease, looking at the card ‘slider’ seeing the tap option and look at your credit or debit card and say to yourself I don’t have that feature on my card. The technology or idea has been around for quite some time, but further implementation has not gone that far, nor has ‘hype’ or adopters to make the technology move forward.

Since the day of its first announcements, I took a long hard look at my Blackberry and said to myself you know “one day my phone should be able to do that”. Now I didn’t come up with the idea obviously but it still remains a great idea. Contactless payment options via your smart phone have been lurking around think tanks of many companies since the dawn of the technology. Back in 08 there were some trial runs of the technology enlisted into San Francisco’s transit lines, and from their not much was heard of the technology until recently. According to Bloomberg, three of the four major carriers in the US are ready to stand behind the NFC technology and move the digital age forward just a little more. With the technology lurking around for so long the idea is not a surprise, but putting these three majors behind it means momentum. At&t, Verizon, and T-Mobile have all expressed interest and are beginning to test the technology on their hardware and networks. The testing will take place in Atlanta as well as three other undisclosed locals, and it is presumed that British banking Barclays Plc and Discover Finacial Services will potentially help the testing.

The idea of your phone being your debit or credit card concerns you? Or are you ready to take on the future?

Personally I’m ready, it would be nice to make my wallet smaller than it already is, and next we can get rid of my driver’s licenses, its taking up a lot of space…

Isn’t the future great, let us know what you think of contactless payment via your smart or even dumb phone?

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