Consumer Reports Weighs in Again: Fix the iPhone

Yesterday Consumer Reports withheld its coveted ‘Recommended’ stamp of approval from Apple’s iPhone 4 despite it scoring as the top phone in the tested group—now it is asking Apple to fix the new smartphone free of charge. Apple has maintained that the reception glitch, which only occurs when a certain part of the phone is touched, is fixable via a software update that it has promised in the near future. Extensive testing by Consumer Reports found to the contrary. Apple’s response? Delete everything.

Apple is unlikely to be swayed into a recall—which would cost an estimated whopping $1.5 billion according to Bernstein Research’s Toni Sacconghi—from backlash from Consumer Reports review. However, other consumer protection nonprofits have also jumped into the fray. This includes Australian based Choice, which recommended that consumers wait at least a month before purchasing one of the new iPhone 4s.

While neither group has yet demanded Apple to take drastic steps, Consumer Reports said that “it’s the company’s responsibility to provide the fix” and that it should come as “no extra cost to consumers.” Apple knows that it needs to do something to prevent damage to its hard earned brand image but whether the fix really is the coming software update, Apple providing free rubber bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners or a recall, has not yet been determined. I am guessing that Apple will not take any further steps until the promised iOS 4.0.1 update comes out. If it works as people are hoping, then all good. Otherwise, Apple will have to really do something.

Agree with Consumer Reports?

Does Apple really have to do something to fix the reception issues?

 Think that the company will go as far as recalling its newest smartphones?

Weigh in and let me know what you think of the whole mess.

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