Codenames of Four New Palm Smartphones Discovered


Deep within the heart of HP webOS 2.0’s device restoration tool—webOS Doctor—Palm lists four unknown smartphone codenames. The fifth device on the list is the ‘Roadrunner’ which has already been released on France’s SFR as the Palm Pre 2. What are the other four devices mentioned? The ‘Windsor’, the ‘Mantaray’, the ‘Stingray’ and the ‘Broadway’.

Interestingly, the Palm ‘Mansion’ was not on the list of webOS 2.0 devices in the restoration tool according to PreCentral. This mean that the Mansion is a ways off yet, has been canceled or actually never was? I wouldn’t go as far as the last one, after all, HP/Palm will be building five or six new devices for sale in the coming year. The ‘Hurricane’ is what HP has codenamed its PalmPad tablet. That still leaves a spot for the Mansion…

The Broadway is widely expected to be a Pixi 2 which needs to come out soon since the Pixi and Pixi Plus will not be getting Adobe Flash in their HP webOS 2.0 updates. That will be a major bummer for current Pixi series owners. Anyone going to upgrade their Palm smartphone just for Flash?

After buying (or should I say, rescuing) Palm earlier this year, HP has kept a very hands off approach towards Palm. Sure, webOS is now HP webOS and some more HP branding is sure to pop up everywhere, but HP realizes that even though Palm nearly collapsed, it knows a heck of a lot more about smartphones than HP does. I would go as far as to say that without Palm, HP is a non-contender in the smartphone market. HP needs Palm as much as Palm needed HP to save it if HP ever wants to have an actual piece of the mobile pie.

Palm finally has the resources and time that it needs to reinvent itself. The Pre 2 has shaped up to be an excellent phone and HP webOS 2.0 has reworked things and integrated the internet even further into the smartphone experience. However, it won’t be until next year when we can finally start to the see the results of the HP/Palm partnership. Keep your fingers crossed that webOS translates well onto the larger screen of a tablet and that we can finally get a Palm in slate form style.

Really hoping the Mansion is still in the works? Gonna grab a Pre 2 or wait for the Pixi 2? Let me know.

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