Clearwire set to launch an Android Super Phone?

Clearwire is a service provider that is indeed tied into the Sprint moniker. Clearwires network is essentially what enables the amazingly fast 4G coverage that Sprint is boasting –but not implementing. Recently I have had offers to joining Clearwire’s 4G service for in home internet. The speeds that they are clamoring about surely have me pondering the possibility. Today however comes some news about Clearwires mobile agenda and a Super phone is involved and Oh how I love rumors of super phones.

AndroidSpin has recently been advised to be on the lookout for a super Android coming soon. The site states that a “very reliable source” claims that Clearwire is getting ready to drop an Android device, which they are referring to as a super phone. This super phones name is currently called the Samsung Notion and will take on all you suckas! The new Notion is reportedly set to launch in December and the folks over at Samsung will be manufacturing the device. It is said that the device is “very similar” to the Galaxy S device that Samsung has just dumped onto the world. The new Super Samsung Notion is said to be running Android version 2.2 and rocks a front facing camera that implements ooVoo software for face to face video calling. Another small –ok huge- mention to AndroidSpin was the possibility of this Super Samsung Notion phone giving its users FREE –yes FREE- Hotspot functionality. Form factor is said to include a full keyboard for all those QWERTY lovers out there. The source goes on to state that Clearwire will also be launching the HTC EVO in January and a slew of Androids are sure to follow.

Sounds excellent, definitely looking forward to seeing this develop, do you have any interest in Clearwire’s new Super Duper Samsung Notion Android?

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