Cisco to Compete Against RIM’s Upcoming Tablet

The competition is heating up for Research In Motion Ltd.’s (RIM) BlackBerry Tablet already, and the device has not yet shipped or even been seen. The reason? Cisco Systems Inc. is rolling out its own tablet aimed at corporate users. Called the “Cius,” Cisco is already insuring everyone that it is not meant to compete against Apple’s iPad. Instead, it is taking aim at RIM and RIM’s business users. The device itself is boasting very impressive specs and will be rolling out slowly, starting in the third quarter and ready for mass sale around the beginning of next year.  Here is the rundown:

-          Has a docking station that allows you to plug-in a regular phone or a regular wired internet connection

-          Wi-Fi and 3G/4G enabled

-          7” form factor

-          High-resolution screen

-          HD forward facing video camera for video conferencing

-          5 megapixel rear facing camera

-          A price tag of around $1000

-          Runs on Google Android OS

Cisco’s CEO John Chambers was quoted as say that the company wants to, “combine voice and data communications on networks over a common Internet Protocol architecture.” Looking to grab a comfortable lead in the rush to develop the next big thing for corporate communication are we Cisco? Fair enough.

All of this news though does not bode well for RIM. Its upcoming tablet is expected to have to tether to a BlackBerry phone to access the internet. However, it is all about execution. If RIM can integrate its new tablet into companies’ existing IT infrastructure more easily than Cisco’s Cius, and at a lower price point, then expect RIM to shine. After all, the company does still rule the corporate marketplace when it comes to smartphones and communication. It would make perfect sense for RIM to use its new tablet to reinvent itself as a company that offers cutting-edge solutions to businesses that require video conferencing and video calling on the go.

While we will not know exactly how RIM’s new tablet stacks up against Cisco’s until both devices are on the market, expect RIM’s to put on an excellent show and grab a comfortable spot in the business world. Whether or not the new tablet will become the king really all depends on how polished it is and how much software support it receives.

Cisco’s Cius the first nail in RIM’s tablet coffin?

Let us know what you think.

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