The Chaser and the Venture are new Virgin Mobile devices ready for the limelight

The last news out of new models for the pre-pair mega carrier Virgin Mobile was the ever powerful and quite impressive Motorola Triumph.  This new slate styled smart phone from Motorola has upped the ante for pre-paid specifications and pushed the standard for anyone interested in pre-paid wireless devices. New devices for the carrier have surfaced recently and are giving pre-paid users a few more options this season. The Virgin Mobile Venture and Virgin Mobile Chaser are new Android devices headed your way. PocketNow.Com has spotted the two new handsets and has come to the conclusion they were manufactured by ZTE. The Venture and the Chaser are made by ZTE and similarities can point to recent ZTE devices.

The new Virgin Mobile Venture is seemingly based off of the recently launched Style Q and ironically enough is the only of the two new devices that come with a spec trail. Similarly to the Style Q the Venture is a low/mid ranged device that will surely fit well with those looking for their first smart phone experience. The Virgin Mobile Venture is built on a full sized QWERTY keyboard that sports a four row soft key set to help you navigate your Android experience. Internally the Venture runs a highly capable 600MHz chip set that can surely handle your day to day and is backed by 512 MB of RAM. Its screen measures in at 2.8 inches and uses QVGA technologies. Other details include an expandable microSD memory card reader that will come preinstalled with a 2GB card. Sound good? Sounds too be a perfect phone for those entry level users.

The slate styled version of these two new Virgin Mobile phones is the Chaser. As you can see the Chaser offers up a bunch of touch screen real estate, with four soft keys toward the bottom for easy navigation within your Android experience. PocketNow thinks the base of the Chaser will come from the ZTE X500 model device that made its way to Cricket as the Score. If correct that would put some lower end specs into the Chaser. Based on the specs of the X500 the Chaser is expected to run with a 3.5 inch touch screen with HVGA resolutions. It will also pack in a 600 MHz chip set and a 3.2 mega pixel camera.

The Virgin Mobile Venture and Chaser are also expected to run with Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread out of the gate. While the details on these two new phone being very unconfirmed, you can assume the price and launch date is as well. So hold on until all the detail arise and we’ll let you know when the Chaser and Venture go live. But before all that sound off below and let us know what you think. And as always check out all of our Virgin Mobile accessories here.

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