The CDMA iPhone rumor mill churns a little more

The rumor mill has been turned again and this time you will never guess what it is about. Yes a CDMA based iPhone, if you are unfamiliar with what CDMA is simply put if this rumor is true you could see an iPhone on carriers like Verizon or Sprint.

The Digitimes has reported that Pegatron a Taiwanese based computer manufacturer has recently received an order for a CDMA based iPhone 4, at the same time sparking the CDMA iPhone debate all over again. It was assumed that this would be dead until the end of At&t’s contract with Apple.  To most users that are under a CDMA based carrier this is water under the bridge until it actually happens (I’m one of them). To shed a little light on Pegatron, they are one of three divisions of Asus which is a large computer product manufacturer based in Taiwan. The company has been known for manufacturing products for the likes of Apple Inc, Dell and HP. The companies’ remark reported to Digitimes states that they will be shipping CDMA iPhones as early as quarter 4 this year.  This would potentially put a CDMA iPhone in the market as early as July or as late as September. There is a high demand for a CDMA iPhone, and most any CDMA user you speak to would most likely upgrade to an iPhone.

With that being said rumors are rumors and this one is still just that, with no real confirmation from Apple only time will tell.  Don’t fret however as it is imminent that a CDMA iPhone will hit the market, when is unknown, but it surely will.

On another note, brings up a good point. Pegatron will be going public and listed into the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in June. Starting this rumor would most definitely bring just a little more publicity their way.

Are you using a CDMA carrier, and would you upgrade to an Iphone if you had the chance?

Let us know what you think.