CDMA iPhone Supposedly in Testing

The Verizon iPhone 4 rumors have started collecting mass as they roll down the hill of broken iPhone dreams and the latest one claims that a CDMA iPhone 4 is in the engineering validation stage (EVT). Not being an electrical engineer, I looked up what the EVT stage actually means. Basically, if this rumor is true—and that is a big if—then prototypes of a CDMA iPhone 4 have been built and are undergoing testing to make sure that all the electrical circuits are working up to spec, that the hardware inside will work properly together, and that signal strength is up to snuff. I guess Apple skipped this stage when making AT&T’s iPhone 4.

Of course, before you start running around the streets screaming with joy, keep in mind that plenty of other cellular networks throughout the world use CDMA technology besides Verizon and Sprint. This phone could come to Japan, China, South America and a dozen other places. However, with AT&T trying to snag as many exclusive smartphones as it can right now and hinting in its SEC filings that a pretty big exclusivity contract is ending, I would put my money on this being built for Verizon. Though a Sprint iPhone 4 would be interesting… maybe Apple should release this for both carriers and toss in one for T-Mobile also. It has to do something to stop the growing Android OS tide on every carrier.

The codename for this CDMA iPhone 4 is apparently ‘N92’ according to Daring Fireball and I have to wonder if this is the second iPhone 4 that was claimed in some rumors earlier this year. If you remember, Apple apparently worked on two different iPhone 4s at the same time during the design phase. Let’s hope that this one doesn’t drop calls.

Think that the rumors are true? Will we finally get the Verizon iPhone? More importantly, will you buy a Verizon iPhone? Sound off!

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