Possible CDMA iPhone Pictures Leaked

An iPhone compatible with Verizon Wirelesses network is widely expected to appear sometime in January. Pictures claiming to be of the newest iPhone from Apple have sprung up on Richy Rich. While there is no way to know if this is really a pre-production model of a Verizon iPhone like the blogger claims, take a look at it.

The CDMA compatible (AT&T uses GSM technology) iPhone model is known internally by Apple as the iPhone 3,2. The current iPhone 4 is the 3,1. (The commas are part of their identifiers.) The actual codename of the CDMA iPhone is the ‘N92DVT’. That means it’s in device verification testing (DVT). In layman’s terms, they’re making sure that the hardware is working right before they start making millions of them.

Right now, the comments on the blog are learning towards ‘fake’ regarding the pictures, but since this is expected to be a slightly modified iPhone 4, it is impossible to verify from just the outward appearance. The blog claims that the pictures came from a “repair shop in Vietnam” and the phone pictured is running some type of test operating system (not uncommon for pre-release devices). Have some healthy skepticism. Besides just the Verizon iPhone supposedly pictured, Apple has a CDMA and GSM compatible iPhone 5 in development for a mid 2011 launch. That device will have a SIM card slot as well as CDMA compatibility and is expected to be a ‘world phone’ that can access networks worldwide when traveling. What is particularly interesting is that Richy Rich claims the device pictured has a SIM card slot too. If this is a Verizon only model, it would not have a SIM card slot.

Of course, since this is still pre-production, it is possible that it was build with CDMA and GSM to test some things out before the SIM slot is removed for the production version. Otherwise, this might actually be the real CDMA/GSM world phone iPhone model. Or just a refresh of the current iPhone 4 to fix the antenna…

What do you all think? The pictures real or fake? Is this just an iPhone 4 with some fancy graphics loaded onto the screen? What’s up with the weird picture angles? If this is real, believe that it has a SIM card slot? So many questions. Check the picture gallery below and tell me your opinions in the comments.

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