The Motorola Droid’s Are Back!


Motorola announces the Verizon bound Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx! Motorola has been very quiet lately as the company has undergone some restructuring under helm of their new ownership. Motorola who at one point was producing multiple handsets every year has not produced a notable smart phone in quite some time. Rumors surrounding the Google ...

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The Motorola Droid Ultra and Ultra Maxx Get One Step Closer to Launch


The Motorola Droid Ultra and Droid Ultra Maxx gets show off for the masses. Way back in August of 2011 Google dropped nearly thirteen billion dollars in acquiring Motorola for their own, hardware manufacturing pleasure!  The deal was initially looked upon by those of us paying attention, with an open jaw and a vast imagination ...

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Motorola’s Sprint Bound Moto X Smiles For the Camera


  A picture of a Sprint ready Motorola X leaks out into the wild. Remember Motorola? Of course you do. The company that invented the cell phone has been missing in action for the past year or so and is plotting its return in a big way…hopefully. Way back in 2011, Google up and decided they ...

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A New Motorola Android Handset Leaks Into the Wild


It’s not the Motorola X Phone! In case you have been living under a rock lately, Google has bought up the mobile division of Motorola. With such a purchase as you could imagine, the speculation as to what the dynamic duo will produce is through the roof. The latest in rumor says Motorola is working ...

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The Very Best Motorola Droid RAZR HD Accessories

    The RAZR is back! But you most likely already knew that. Motorola has pushed forth a redesign of possibly the most legendary cell phone to ever be held in the palms of mankind. The success of the original flip style RAZR has ushered in a new smart phone variation of the name and we are ...

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Cell Phone Accessories Make Perfect, Easy and Affordable Gifts

It’s that time of the year again when you join in celebration with your loved ones and exchange gifts, jokes, stories, food and each other’s company. As you watch hoards of people flow in and out of retail locations buying up all the best gift options for their loved ones, you may find yourself not really ...

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The New Motorola RAZR i MT788 For China Mobile

  When a company in any market place finds a winner, the tendency is to burn it for all its worth! Motorola found much success in the RAZR branding in the past producing over 15 variation of the infamous razor thin flip style icon the RAZR. After a bit of down time for the brand Motorola ...

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All your Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Accessories in one easy to use affordable super store

  Your new Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD is quite possibly the best device on the market. Sure other phones have features that may trump the MAXX HD in some categories, but a true HD display with a battery that can last all day and night there really is no comparison. The Droid RAZR MAXX HD ...

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Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition Announced

  Since the dawn of mobile computing, and really just computing in general end users have been tinkering with and changing the performance, look and feel of devices by customizing them from the inside out!  In recent memory this has become more of an issue as carriers and smart phone manufacturers stake more of a claim ...

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A Great Selection of Motorola Droid 4 Accessories

The Motorola Droid 4 is quite possibly the best Droid ever made. Its high quality build combined with the best in processing prowess and functionality with its full QWERTY keyboard make this phone a top tier mobile device. The Droid 4 packs in all the punch that’s needed to keep up with the applications of ...

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The Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX Confirmed for Big Red

In the past few months Motorola has taken back a huge section of the market place with the reincarnation of the Motorola RAZR handsets. The iconic RAZR devices started their reign back in 2004 and after a slew of different variations the device has made its way to the Android section of the space. With ...

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Affordable and Effective Motorola Atrix HD Accessories At your Fingertips

The Motorola Atrix HD is everything we wanted the original Atrix to be and a bit more. It is an amazing handset that offers up some of the very best in user interactions and specifications available on smart phones today. The Atrix HD from Motorola runs with the likes of Android version 4.0 and gives ...

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A Variety of Motorola RAZR M Accessories

    Today’s smart phone market is very familiar to days gone past, and by that we mean there is a Motorola made RAZR for all walks of life. In the past few months Motorola has taken the RAZR line up of devices and resurrected it via the likes of Google Android operating system. There are multiple ...

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The New Motorola RAZR i with Intel Inside

There is an old saying that goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That saying is surely true in most cases, but does not address improvement. It may not be broken, but it can surely perform better! Motorola has been making the RAZR line up of phones for quite some time and they just ...

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The Motorola Droid M Gets Real and Affordable

The Motorola RAZR line up of phones is synonymous with the word cell phone. The original RAZR took the market by storm when its super slim flipper style build was made readily available to the masses. Shortly after the success of the original RAZR, a whole family of RAZR devices began sprouting up. After a ...

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