HP to Sell Unlocked Palm Pre 2 Directly, Gorilla Glass Confirmed

The new Palm Pre 2 has gotten an official overview by HP itself. The two best things about what HP’s Product Manager for the Palm Pre—Tim Pettitt—said? Gorilla Glass is indeed in the Pre 2’s screen and the smartphone will be sold, unlocked for GSM network users directly by HP. Video after the break.

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Angry Birds Wins $100,000 from Palm

The insanely popular app ‘Angry Birds’ has won the top spot in Palm’s PDK Hot Apps Competition and the $100K prize money that goes with the accolades. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change but not really a surprise when you consider how Angry Birds has become so popular lately. Palm and HP featured the ...

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Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 Get Commercial, 5 or 6 New Palms Coming in 2011?

Big, big news and rumors about Palm’s future hit the internet this week—the Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 have gotten their own commercial and five or six new Palm devices are expected to be released by the end of 2011. Don’t worry; I have the commercial after the break and some information on what exactly Palm and HP are up to.

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Palm Pre and Pixi Getting HP webOS 2.0: No Flash Player for Pixi

It is official—The Palm Pre and Pixi are getting webOS 2.0. The ‘Plus’ variations of the devices are getting the update too of course. The only problem? So far, the Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus are not going to be compatible with Adobe Flash 10.1 like the Pre series. This could change at the last ...

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HP webOS 2.0 Is Official—Here’s What’s New

HP recently acquired Palm and has managed to make good on promises—the highly anticipated webOS 2.0 release has been made official. Unsurprisingly, HP has decided to finally brand its Palm acquisition’s products and webOS is now ‘HP webOS’.  Hopefully the control HP is exerting now won’t reverse any of the innovative progress Palm has managed ...

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WebOS 2.0 and Palm Pre 2 Officially Announced

The new webOS 2.0 and the soon to arrive Palm Pre 2 are finally official. The Palm Pre 2 will go on sale as soon as October 22 on France’s SFR carrier. HP is also finally flexing its muscle after acquiring Palm earlier this year—webOS 2.0 is now officially ‘HP webOS 2.0’. Official specs on ...

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Palm Pre 2 Coming to Verizon Soon

The next Palm smartphone will be the Palm Pre 2 and Verizon is going to be one of the first carriers to have it. A leaked training picture showing part of Verizon Wirelesses internal training systems and the Pre 2 was sent into Engadget. It looks like the name Pre 2 might be official as ...

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Palm Pre 2 Photos Leaked Online

The probably launching in November Palm Pre 2 has gotten cleared by the FCC and now some leaked pictures of it have shown up online. MobiFrance got the scoop with pictures after some of the specs for the newest smartphone coming from Palm and HP (who bought Palm recently) showed up on SFR.  The new ...

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Palm Pre 2 Very Real, 1 GHz Processor Confirmed

Just last week, a new Palm smartphone cleared the FCC. Codenamed the P102 or ‘Roadrunner’, this new device is expected to be an update to the Palm Pre with refined styling and some improvements under the hood as well. Thanks to SFR, we now know a little more about this device. Here is a quick ...

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The Palm Pre ‘2’ Clears the FCC

Those new Palm devices that HP promised would be coming next year? The Palm Pre '2' just got FCC approval and thus, a sneak peak for all of us. Codenamed the P102, this device won't be the rumored Palm 'Mansion'. Instead of the full touchscreen and lack of keyboard like the Mansion, the P102 is ...

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WebOS Smartphones from Palm and HP Coming Early Next Year

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) has given the word that it will start producing new smartphones for sale in early 2011. HP bought Palm earlier this year and has been looking forward to putting new life into the once powerful PDA maker that ended up nearly disappearing in the smartphone market. Reuters reported that Eric Cador—Senior VP at ...

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HP’s Slate gets it’s 4 minutes of unofficial fame

 Presumably the next tablet to step into the ring with the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and we shall see how that goes. But what about other manufacturers that have been promising tablet goodness? Well folks with the holidays right around the corner and the New Year lurking as well, leaks like this are ...

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Palms webOS 2.0 Screenshots emerge, makes everyone smile


If you haven’t heard Palm has been bought up by the folks at HP. For some astronomical amount of chump change, the future for Palm was unclear even before the buyout. However recent leaks of webOS’s future have brought a smile to any Palm users face. Or even dedicated Palm users that jumped ship recently ...

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HP’s webOS Tablet Confirmed

  Since the day HP bought up all the goodies that took Palm years to develop, the question has lingered. What will HP do with webOS? The experts weighed in, the sources that are “in the know” leaked the details they knew, but there was never a peep from HP themselves. Details on HP’s plan for ...

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Tablet Wars! BlackBerry BlackPad Facing Serious Competition

Research In Motion’s (RIM) coming BlackBerry Tablet is going to be released in the middle of the coming Tablet Wars. The device—possibly going by ‘BlackPad’ as its official name and codenamed the ‘Cobalt’—promises quite a bit if any of the rumors regarding it are true. However, there certainly are a lot of other competitors out ...

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