HP Launches their new HP 8 Android Tablet


HP quietly launches a new Android tablet! Remember HP? Of course you do. It is likely in your collection of computers, printers and laptops you own or have owned at least one HP product. What you probably do not own is an HP mobile gadget. HP has been mostly miss when it comes to hitting ...

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HP Introduces Five new Tablets!


HP introduces a few new tablets! Do you remember HP? Of course you do, Hewlett Packard has been a staple of computing for, well...for a long time. Recently however the companies foray into the mobile space has been less than stellar. Way back in 2009 HP decided it would be a great idea to buy ...

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HP Announces the Android Slatebook 10 x2

HP Slatebook 10 x2

    HP announces the Slatebook 10 x2. Remember HP? Of course you do, the company is a household name when it comes to the computing world. But where has HP been in the mobile markets? A while back HP helped put the nail into the coffin that help Palm and shortly after that all attempts into ...

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Cell Phone Accessories Make Perfect, Easy and Affordable Gifts

It’s that time of the year again when you join in celebration with your loved ones and exchange gifts, jokes, stories, food and each other’s company. As you watch hoards of people flow in and out of retail locations buying up all the best gift options for their loved ones, you may find yourself not really ...

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HP’s TouchPad gets closer to running Android and Ubuntu Linux

  In case you didn’t know, HP bought out Palm and its amazing operating system in hopes to penetrate the mobile market a bit deeper. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however that seemingly great idea has pretty much fallen apart. I remember seeing the webOS family picture shortly before the launch of ...

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HP kills off webOS – Good Night Sweet Prince

Back in 2009 HP made a huge industry play by acquiring the slowly declining Palm business and accompanying operating system webOS. At the time it seemed like a wise decision that was assumed to be fueled by a bit of patent libraries and an already established set of technologies that would help HP forge its ...

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Google forms the Ultimate Android Alliance with carriers and OEM’s to help keep our devices updated in a timely manner

One consistent rag from my iPhone toting nemeses is that “Hey hopefully you’ll get a new update soon” and I usually have no real response or ‘ammo’ to fire back with as I just like any other Android user is at the will of the OEM’s and carriers to get my updates. Yesterday however Google ...

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The Super Small HP Veer 4G Goes on Sale May 15th

HP last year acquired what was left of Palm for an exuberant amount of change. Since the takeover HP, for the most part has kept pretty quiet about their future plans in the mobile sector. Back in February however, HP announced three new devices. The HP Touch Pad is a 9.7 inch webOS tablet that ...

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HP takes webOS to the next level with the Veer, Pre 3 and the TouchPad

Recently Hewlett Packard bought up what was left of the Palm dynasty. There was much more life left in Palm and its operating system and HP could see this, so they pony upped the 1.2 billion dollars and took a chance. This “chance” is starting to show its face today with HP announcing 3 new ...

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HP’s New Palm Topaz Tablet gets exposed

Awhile back news broke about the giant computer company HP buying out one of the best cell phone companies ever Palm. The buyout came at a perfect time for the pretty much sunken ship Palm and the anticipation as to what HP would do with such a solid cell phone maker was – and very ...

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Facebook App for webOS Finally Updated to 1.5 and Adds ‘Places’


  It is official: the Facebook app for HP webOS has been updated to version 1.5 and it is now possible to check-in to “Places” to let your friends know where you are and what you are doing. The ability to use Facebook chat will be added through a coming update to HP webOS 2.0 in ...

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Firesheep on webOS Hacks Unsecured Data over Wi-Fi

It is now possible to use a Palm smartphone to hack into the accounts and data of others through Firesheep. Firesheep was originally a plug-in for the FireFox browser but has now been ported over to webOS as an app. The way the software works is by listening for internet traffic sent back and forth ...

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Palm and HP Teaming up to Put webOS on Everything HP

Palm was purchased by HP earlier this year for just north of a billion dollars and HP has some pretty ambitious plans for its acquisitions webOS platform. Correction, that’s HP webOS now. Former CEO of Palm—Jon Ruinstein—now heads up the Palm division at HP and according to his comments at the Web 2.0 Summit in ...

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The Palm Pre 2 Coming to Verizon this Year

The Palm faithful have reason to rejoice—the Palm Pre 2 will be available for sale on Verizon Wireless this year according to leaked Verizon document. The document, which was acquired by PPCGeeks, doesn’t shed any new information on the Pre 2, but it does confirm that Verizon will start selling the model soon. Thank the smartphone gods.

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Verizon Employees Prepping for HP webOS 2.0 and UK Getting it December 6th

  Fans of Palm can rejoice—Verizon Wireless is preparing its employees for the launch of HP webOS 2.0. Not only that, PreCentral has received a tip that webOS 2 will be hitting the UK as an update for the Palm Pre and Pixi series on carrier O2 UK on December 6th. Oh, and pre-orders for unlocked ...

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