Apple CEO Steve Jobs Slammed as ‘Big Brother’ and a Censor in Video

  Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has always been an innovator and a forward thinker. Back in November, Apple decided to pull an app called the “Manhattan Declaration” after receiving nearly 7,000+ signatures from a petition in protest. The app in question had been approved by Apple originally but its stance against a woman’s right to ...

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PlayStation App for iPhone Coming Soon—No It Doesn’t Play Games

Unfortunately Sony is releasing an app for iOS and Android before its PlayStation Phone.

Sony’s PlayStation brand has been in the smart phone news for a while now thanks mostly to its blatant bashing on Apple’s iPhone and strong rumors of a PlayStation phone in the works by Sony Ericsson. Now the company says that it is developing an app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. No, the ...

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Visa’s Mobile App Comes to iPhone

Screenshot of Visa

You didn’t expect credit card giant Visa to just sit by and watch all of these digital upstarts undermine its core business now did you? The company announced today that it is releasing an app called ‘Visa Mobile’. Okay… no big deal right? Wrong. The app will function as an offer system to pair up ...

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BlackBerry Gets CNBC Pro App: Real-time Data for Investors on the Go

CNBC's CNBC Pro app for BlackBerry

News giant CNBC is betting that investors unwilling to pay big bucks to Bloomberg will see its new mobile app for BlackBerry smartphones as a viable alternative. The app—called CNBC Pro—is a subscription news and data service that offers real-time information on a huge variety of different markets. The gang’s all here: ETFs, futures, bonds, ...

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Google Voice App Finally Arrives on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad

Google Voice iOS app screenshot

Google’s Google Voice app was released back in November for the iPhone but Apple’s two other iOS devices—the iPod touch and the iPad—didn’t get the app. In a strange twist, Google released an iPhone only version. The company has fixed that however, and is now offering the app for the iPod touch and the iPad ...

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iOS App Roundup: Infinity Blade, Thoughts and Eternal Legacy

Screenshot of the iOS game Infinity Blade

Quite a few interesting apps have come out recently for Apple’s iOS platform. ChAIR Entertainment’s highly anticipated game—Infinity Blade—was released yesterday. Just a day before that, Gameloft released an RPG called Eternal Lagacy that just screams Final Fantasy. Oh, and if your thumbs need a break from gaming on your iPhone, Jawbone launched its Thoughts ...

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European Carriers Want Apple to Pay for iTunes Data Usage

Apple iTunes logo

It looks like it is not just AT&T that is having problems handling the enormous data usage generated by Apple’s wildly popular iPhone model of smart phones—European carriers are also feeling the weight on their networks. However, unlike AT&T, who has remained silent about how much network usage the iPhone consumes, European carriers France Telecom ...

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Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 on All iOS Devices Coming Soon

Twitter screen shot confirming untethered jailbreak of iOS 4.2.1

Don’t worry iPhone jailbreakers—the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that an untethered jailbreak is working right now for iOS devices running version 4.2.1. (A ‘tethered’ jailbreak is one that requires you to plug your iOS device into your PC each time you restart it to re-jailbreak it.) While the hacker team has not yet released ...

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$1.99 iPhone App Saves Basketball Player’s Life

Picture of a basketball

An iPhone app called ‘Phone Aid’ has been credited with saving a teenage basketball player’s life after his heart stopped during practice. The 17-year-old, Xavier Jones, collapsed but was resuscitated by two of his coaches with CPR guided by the app. The $1.99 Phone Aid app guides users through emergency treatment for the most common ...

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BlackBerry App World Hits 15,000 App Mark—Is Being 3rd Good Enough Anymore?

An example image of RIM's BlackBerry App World and a BlackBerry smartphone

Earlier this year, Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry App World marketplace hit the 10,000 app mark and now the company has passed the 15,000 app mark. The news of RIM’s latest achievement came courteous of the company’s Twitter feed which posted the following, “#AppWorld – 15,000 apps and counting! What have you downloaded lately?” On ...

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ChevronWP7 Unlocking Hack for WP7 Pulled after Microsoft Contacts Developers

Screenshot of ChevronWP7 unlock

  Almost as quickly as it appeared, the only hacking option to switch smartphones running Microsoft’s new WP7 OS—ChevronWP7—into developer mode has disappeared. The reason? Because the technology allows pirated apps to run on the platform and Microsoft’s own Director of Developer Experience for WP7, Brandon Watson, contacted the three man team behind the WP7 develop ...

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Apple’s iPad Killing Amazon’s Kindle but Who Will Win E-Book War?

iPad and Kindle costumed characters look to do battle

The war over digital books has just begun and two of the biggest players—Apple and—might be able to find a happy medium. That is, as long as Amazon decides to pull the plug on its Kindle e-book reader. While the Kindle hit stores before the iPad, Apple’s tablet device is putting on an amazing ...

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RIM’s Battle against the Kik Messenger App Hits the Courts

BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) recently pulled the Kik Messenger app from its BlackBerry App World and then took the drastic action of preventing the company behind Kik from developing BlackBerry apps anymore. All RIM has had to say so far about the situation is that it pulled the Kik app because of ...

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Apple Pulls ‘Anti-Gay’App from iTunes App Store

Apple has pulled an app described as ‘anti-gay’ by from its iTunes App Store after receiving more than 7,730 signatures in protest. The app, called the “Manhattan Declaration,” was created by a group co-founded by Chuck Colson—a conservative Christian evangelist and author who was arrested but never charged in the Watergate scandal prior to ...

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Windows Phone 7 Open for Business: Homebrew, Hacking through ChevronWP7

Microsoft’s new WP7 OS for smartphones has received its first “developer mode unlock” which lets you install whatever you want on it. While this doesn’t address the PVK problems regarding WP7 and modified operating systems that can get you banned from Xbox Live, it does work and is reversible. Think of it like the WP7 ...

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