The #AppWorld Daily is Live—BlackBerry News via Twitter

Research In Motion's headquarters

BlackBerry users love their phones; no surprise there. However, one thing that they have been missing out on compared to their fellow Android and iPhone using brothers and sisters is apps. Sure, there are 10k+ apps, themes, etc. for the BlackBerry operating system but they are scattered amongst different online stores and websites. Research In ...

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iPhone Apps Send Your Personal Info to Ad Networks? Lawsuit Says Yes

Steve Jobs cast as Big Brother from Orwell's novel 1982

Apple lets apps on its iOS platform collect personal information about users and then send them to advertisement networks—at least according to a lawsuit filed last Thursday in Federal court. The lawsuit, which was filed in San Jose, CA’s U.S. District Court by Jonathan Lalo alleges that iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod ...

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5,000 Apps for Your WP7 Smartphone

Windows Phone 7 is gaining apps at a quick pace.

Microsoft has been experiencing an unexpected amount of success as of late with its latest attempt to become a player in the mobile space again. Besides just sales approaching two million and counting of smartphones running its new Windows Phone 7 operating system, its app market has been growing strongly as well and is set ...

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Cherokee Language now on iPhone

Cherokee Children

Apple is helping protect native cultural institutions in the United States. Huh? The Grinch Steve Jobs has a heart? Who knew. But seriously, Apple has released software for its iPhone and iPod touch that allow speakers of the Cherokee language write and read in it right on their devices. An update is even on the ...

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More Hints at Pending BlackBerry OS 6 Release on Verizon Wireless

Well the update guide has been leaked at least...

Verizon Wireless still has not released an update to BlackBerry OS 6—though Sprint has on its identical BlackBerry models—but it looks like Skype has not gotten the memo. Skype, the popular VoIP service, has released a version of its app for Verizon’s BlackBerry models that run BB OS 6. It looks like Skype expected Verizon ...

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Have an Android Smart Phone on AT&T? Carrier Billing is Finally Here for Apps

Carrier billing on Android Market is now available for both T-Mobile and AT&T.

Google’s Android Market might have passed the 100,000 app mark but it has been plagued by a lack of viable payment options. That’s all changing for AT&T customers however. This week, Google has unveiled carrier billing for apps through the second largest carrier in the U.S. Carrier billing through AT&T joins Google’s announcement earlier this month ...

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Free Turn by Turn Navigation on the iPhone and an App that Finds Parking in Hollywood

Freenav is free but should you rely on it yet? Probably not.

The navigation software that comes with the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. Without real turn by turn navigation, the iOS compatible version of Google Maps is showing just how behind Apple is on the whole GPS navigation thing compared to Google’s Android smart phone platform. Fortunately, that might be changing, and for free ...

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BlackBerry Losing out to iOS at Businesses Because of Screen Size?

Business intelligence—basically business executive reports—on smart phones never really took off in the pre-iPhone era because of screen size limitations. At least that is what Sanju Bansal, the chief operating officer at Microstrategy says. In a recent article from Forbes, his view of what is driving corporate growth of custom apps for its employees is ...

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Ford’s SYNC System Goes Live: iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Supported

    Ford has just updated its SYNC system to support its new AppLink framework, allowing smart phones to interface with its cars. While only the 2011 Ford Fiesta supports the AppLink system so far—after a firmware update done through a USB thumb drive—the company’s other cars with SYNC are expected to soon follow. Some Android and ...

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Facebook App for webOS Finally Updated to 1.5 and Adds ‘Places’


  It is official: the Facebook app for HP webOS has been updated to version 1.5 and it is now possible to check-in to “Places” to let your friends know where you are and what you are doing. The ability to use Facebook chat will be added through a coming update to HP webOS 2.0 in ...

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Verizon Branded Apps Hitting Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Windows Phone 7 logo with WP7 device screenshot

So far, Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system has only been released on two carriers—AT&T and T-Mobile—but that is all expected to change very soon. Both AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM technology to power their networks but the next two carriers expected to get into the WP7 game—Verizon Wireless and Sprint—have CDMA technology behind ...

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Apple Pulls WikiLeaks App for iOS from iTunes

Wikileaks app

Apple has joined the fight against Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks organization—or so it appears. A WikiLeaks app was pulled by Apple from its iTunes App Store only a few days after it hit the distribution service. Before the WikiLeaks fan boys and girls start spamming the comments with pro-freedom of speech arguments and bashing Steve Jobs as ...

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Foursquare for iPhone Goes Version 2.2: Photos and Comments

Foursquare logo

Foursquare has been updated to version 2.2 for iPhone and the overhaul brings two main features with it—comments and photos. A new version of the Android app will bring the features with it later this week. Those on the BlackBerry and HP webOS platforms will have to wait until sometime in January to start using ...

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Murdoch’s iPad Only ‘The Daily’ Newspaper Delayed until January


The iPad only newspaper—The Daily—will launch on January 17th. At least that is what Peter Kafka from Media Memo says “multiple sources” have told him. Earlier rumors slated The Daily to launch in beta form near the end of December with full service rolling out in January sometime so it’s quite possible that this is ...

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Word Lens Turns iPhones into Camera-based Translators

Now it's Spanish, now it's English. Believe it.

  Forget clunky pocket dictionaries when traveling abroad and even smart phone based translators that require users to enter text to be translated—Quest Visual’s new World Lens app on iTunes uses the camera in iPhones to translate through the power of augmented reality. Signs, menus, you name it can all be viewed through the app and ...

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