Apple announces the iPad Mini with Retina Display


Apple announces the new iPad Mini with retina display. It’s that magical time again folks. The time of the year when Apple beings to bring forth their latest in iOS gadgets. There are only a few weeks until the holiday season is officially open and Apple has just launched new iPads to accompany their new ...

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The Samsung Galaxy S III Wild Goose Chase Continues

In the midst of the ‘earnings season’  it seems as news on new handsets kind of fades away for a bit. Recent details of Samsung’s yearly earnings have been scrutinized to show off some more impressive and or bragging rights numbers. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung has sold 44.5 million handsets, this toppling Apple’s 35.1 million ...

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Nokia Announces the Lumia 610 NFC

Nokia has been on a hot streak since their announcements pairing themselves with Microsoft’s WP7 operating system and more over since this year’s mobile world congress. The company has managed to ‘revitalize’ themselves with their Lumia branded WP7 devices. During MWC this year Nokia stunned the mobile world by somehow stuffing a 41 mega pixel camera ...

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The ZTE Score Get’s M’ed making its way to a new Carrier

As the high end of smart phones just keeps getting, higher it is good to know manufacturers and carriers have not forgotten the low and mid range smart phone handsets. Lately ZTE has filled the void of entry level smart phones for the likes of Sprint with handset and tablets. Other carriers have take ZTE’s ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G Becomes official with launch dates

Samsung and their Galaxy devices are back making huge improvements to the ‘non-flagship’ selection, this time with the Blaze 4G. With the Galaxy S III on the back burner, Samsung has take to the streets with a few Galaxy variants for the smart phone shopper that’s not looking for the flagship. Recently with the Galaxy ...

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now official

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally available! It’s been about two months since the next generation Nexus was announced and the anticipation could not be cut with a chainsaw since. The Galaxy Nexus was set to be the next generation of standards for the super smart phone models to come. While this new variation of ...

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The Motorola Corvair 6′ tablet will control your “Connected”

When a tablet becomes the center of automated control within the home, we all win! As the lines between your home electronics and the electronics that can fit into your pocket blur, the outcome is fully automated control from wherever you may find yourself. Take Android’s @Home initiative for example or Vizio’s attempt at a ...

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QNX Blackberry Will run Android Applications

The highly respected but currently lacking maker of the legendary Blackberry, RIM is setting its future on its newly acquired QNX operating system. If you have had the chance to take a tour of the recently launch Playbook tablet from the company you are probably highly aware that its user interface is far superior to ...

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Apple’s Cloud Service Imminent

Recently CNet has reported that Apple is closing agreements with the likes of EMI and Warner Music Group to make the likes of their cloud official. Other deals with Sony Music Group and Universal are reported to being near finished and signed off on. Keep in mind Google and Amazon created their cloud based locker service without syncing deals with any major record companies. Apple covering all angles is aiming to please – the record companies at least.

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Apple’s iOS 4 is Tracking Itself and You

Ever feel like somebody’s watching you? Well iPhone users it’s not paranoia, your instinct is correct this time. Cue the Rockwell. It seems that there is some strong evidence that your iPhone is keeping tabs on you. While geo location and GPS tracking of cell phones is nothing new per say, the idea that this data ...

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RIM’s BBM on your Android or iPhone?

One of RIM’s legendary services BBM may be coming to an Android or iOS device near you. BBM addicts will have no reason to be tied down to their out of date hardware – kind of. BGR is reporting “from multiple trusted sources “that RIM’s BBM or Blackberry Messenger will soon be available on multiple ...

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RIM’s Blackberry running Android Apps

There is a whole lot of speculation surrounding RIM and the future of their legendary Blackberry line, everything from changing the entire operating system to completely overhauling their hardware it seems that the tech world just won’t leave poor RIM alone. But they (we) have a point, as the years pass and more competition arrives ...

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The Blackberry PlayBook runs Android Apps?

In the world of tech dominance it’s hard to forget Blackberries. RIM simply put changed the smart phone and mobile tech world in many ways. However, since the dawn of Apple’s iPhone and Googles Android opertating system the Blackberry maker has been fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant. The launch of their Blackberry Torch ...

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Video Calling over 3G via Skype 3.0 for iOS

Skype 3.0 3 is here and it lets allows video calls over Wi-Fi and 3G.

The iPhone finally has an alternative to FaceTime for video calling and it works over AT&T’s 3G network. That’s right—Skype 3.0 is finally out after much speculation. Of course, it uses approximately three megabytes of data a minute and could quite easily destroy your phone bill if you’re not careful. Skype 3.0 supports video calling on ...

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‘Gemini’ Attacks Android Smartphones in China, U.S. Next?

The Android Logo

Malicious hackers have started targeting smartphones and devices running Google’s Android operating system are a particularly juicy target. One piece of malware making headlines right now is Gemini. This trojan has the capability to download all information off of an Android smart phone and even take control of the phone itself. Before you get worked up ...

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