The Casio G’zOne Commando becomes ruggedly official


If you’re unfamiliar with the Casio G’zOne series you have been missing out on some of the most durable and rugged phones available. From its early version the G’zOne Type V and Type S the Casio G’zOne is highly durable and amazingly reliable. However, the G’zOne has suffered from a bland design with a subpar operating system compared to today’s standards. Casio has changed all of that with the launch of their new G’zOne Commando. This is the touch screen Android G’zOne you have all been waiting for.

The new G’zOne Commando has been officially announced and will be made available to Verizon customers come April 28th. The G’zOne series has been a staple on Big reds network since its inception and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. The G’zOne Commando will be priced at $200 bucks on a new contract. The G’zOne is an amazingly rugged device. The G’zOne Commando meets 810G military specs and can be put in the worst situations and survive. 810G military specifications are a unique set of specification driven standards for design, laid out by the United States Military. This means your G’zOne Commando can deal with the likes of water, dust, salt fog, vibration, solar radiation as well as extreme temperatures. The G’zOne can handle these extremes and uses Android version 2.2 or Froyo, pretty impressive stuff! The G’zOne uses a 3.6 inch touch screen that has a 480×800 pixel resolution as well as all the other goodies you would expect from a smart phone. Snap a picture with the 5 mega pixel camera or share your 3G data with your own personally hotspot that can connect up to five different devices. You can also expect the standards such as a memory expanding microSD card slot that can support up to 32GB, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. You will also get VZ Navigator which can lead you to your destination turn by turn. The G’zOne Commando weighs in at 5.4 ounces and sports dimensions of 5.1×2.6x.06 inches.

So if you’re interested in a phone that can take more of a beating then you physically can, the G’zOne Commando will be available in two days and run you about two hundred bucks on a new contract. The G’zOne series are very popular, are you interested in making the new Commando part of your line up? Let us know what you think of the G’zOne Commando in the comments below.

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